Compound Sentence

Sentence Structure #2 Type


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Nah, today’s topic is about Compound Sentence. It’s the second type of sentence in general. Ini dia penjelasannya:

2.Compound Sentence

A compound sentence is formed by the combination of two or more simple sentences (also called independent clause) which are joined by a coordinate conjunction (171). Moreover, when they are connected, a comma is usually used (Azar “Fundamental of English Grammar 3rd Edition” 226).

The conjunctions can be used, for instance (Alexander 8):

  • Addition: (and) My brother loves reading, and he reads at least 5 books a month.
  • Contrast: (butI love you, but you love her.

                  (yet) Barbara is beautiful, yet she is single.

*Bedanya BUT itu dipakai untuk sesuatu yang lebih contrast.

  • Choice: (or) Do we have a class on Tuesday, or is Tuesday a holiday?

               (nor) Lily is not interested in bowling, nor does she like tennis. (Chacravarty and Boehme 151)

  • Reason: (for)* Achyar cannot come to the class, for he is sick.

*FOR cannot be preceded by not, but or any conjunction:

He stole, not because he wanted the money, but because he liked stealing. (For is not possible)

For also cannot be used in answer to a question:

Why did you do it? ~ I did it because I was angry. (For is not possible)

(Thomson and Martinet 268)

  • Result: (so)* It is raining now, so I decide to cancel my travel plan.

* The word so has three meanings in English, and only one of them whose meaning is as result in coordinate conjunction which needs a comma (False et al. 171).

She studied all night, so she is really tired. (= result; a comma is necessary)

She studied all night so she would pass today’s exam. (= purpose; never use a comma)

She studied all night so that she would pass today’s exam. (So is a short form of so that)

She is so beautiful. (= very; never use a comma)

Nevertheless, when a sentence has an unexpected result, it often uses but (Azar “Fundamental of English Grammar 3rd Edition” 230).

The room is dark, so I turn the lamp.

The room is dark, but I do not turn the lamp.


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