Made of, Made from, and Made in


Hello Gengs!

We meet again heheh and of course for studying..

Here are gonna study the differences among made of, made from, and made in

Made of

Made of itu dipake untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang terbuat dari bahan yang masih bisa dilihat dengan jelas.

For examples:

  • My ring is made of gold.
  • His jacket is made of genuine leather.

Made from

Nah, kalau Made from digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu benda yang bahannya sudah tidak dapat terlihat lagi, such as:

  • Plastic is made from oil.
  • My mother buys me a cake which is made from rice.

Made in

Sedangkan untuk Made in ini lebih umum dipakai dan udah commonly known. Can you guess it? Yups, you’re right 😀 this vocabulary is used to tell about the place where something is made or created.

For instance:

  • Is your phone made in China?
  • Wow, this new innovative technology is made in Indonesia.

Gimana? sekarang udah bisa bedain kan penggunaannya?

Then, keep learning ^^