Must and Have to


Hola gengs!

What’s up?

Great? woah.. so do I ^^

Okay, today, we gonna study the differences of Must and Have to. Anybody knows?

These are the explanation:

So, Must is used to tell about the obligation which comes from our own self (faktor internal), contohnya:

  • I must sleep now. (karena sudah ngantuk)
  • I must meet him today. (karena rindu)

While Have to digunakan untuk menyatakan obligation which is affected by external factors, such as:

  • My ex-boyfriend has to marry my best friend because his mother likes her more than me.
  • I have to go now as my father calls me several times.

Mudah kan?

Nah, coz you know now, so I hope you can use it in your daily life.

See you in the next post (^^)